I am currently taking on clients for sensitivity reads and would love to work with you on whatever your project may be! I know how we as writers strive to make our portrayals as honest as possible but that sometimes we need an extra hand when discussing experiences that are not our own.


As well as being a published novelist and essayist, I've worked with a number of writers to edit and/or sensitivity read their projects to get them into the best possible shape.

My debut novel AN UNKINDNESS OF GHOSTS, in addition to being on the Stonewall Honor List and a Firecracker Award winner, was nominated for a Lambda, a Locus, a Hurston/Wright, and a Tiptree Award. In 2018, I was shortlisted for a John C. Campbell Award for Best New Writer, and my shorter work appears in or is forthcoming from, the New York Times, Guernica, Black Warrior Review, Emrys Journal, and elsewhere.

I mark up the manuscript extensively with comments using track changes in Word as well as compose a generally 3-5 page letter outlining how I understood the text and clarify to the writer what I think the potential issues may be.  

I charge $250 for a novel-length manuscript; however, rates are flexible/negotiable, and I am keen to work with people who may struggle to afford this rate without help. Additionally, discounts are available for marginalised people. Do reach out, and we can work together to figure something out.

I am also available to read shorter works. Please inquire about rates. Typically, short stories are in the range of .01/word. 

I am available for sensitivity reads in the following areas:

  • Lesbian/Queer Sexuality (my specific experience is as a non-binary/agender woman whose primary relationships have only been with women)

  • Non-binary/Genderqueer/Agender Identity

  • Black Race, Ethnicity, and Identity

  • Neuroatypicality and Mental Health Issues (specifically ADHD, autism, anxiety, severe depression, mood disorders such as bipolar, schizophrenia, and psychosis)

I really look forward to working with you! You can reach me through my contact page.